It is so amazing that 18 months has zipped by.  Amy will be coming home this Wednesday December 16th at 5:55 into the Idaho Falls Airport.  Anyone and Everyone is invited to come say “Welcome Home!”

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Exhausted…..but Content on a Job Well Done

We are so excited to have her home for the Christmas Season.  It will be a fantastic Christmas for the Bennett household.  She said she would like a solid week to sleep, and then she is ready to go again.  hahaha

On Sunday December 27th at 1:00pm she will be reporting her mission at the Iona Road Chapel around the corner from our home.  Again anyone and everyone is invited to come listen to her speak and then come over to the house afterward for food and fun.

 Here are a few of the things that have happened since the last time I posted for her.   2015-10-07 13.09.22.jpgShe had the chance to see her past 4 companions all at the same time at a Zone Conference.  Hermana Steele, Hermana Bateman, Hermana Smith and Hermana Magalei.  Her wonderful friends and companions Hermana Barajas, and Hermana Bailey (pictured below) both had already gone back to their homes.

Reunited with H. Barjas at the Ipad meeting.JPGJan 20th (2).JPGI know that Amy is so grateful for the lessons she has learned, the examples of Christlike love she has seen and the wonderful people- who will be her lifelong friends. oct lex.png She has absolutely loved Kentucky and Indiana and the people that live there.  And hopes to travel back after she finishes a semester at BYU-I in January 2016.


Beautiful Kentucky!

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Martin's Baptism (1).JPGMarch 2015 (5).pngOfelia and Enrique.JPG soup kitchen friends.JPG

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Amy has been in Corydon, Indiana for the past several months. She has, of course, made lots of friends, both people and animals. And had some great experiences there. She has been able to travel back to Louisville to attend the temple twice. That is such a highlight for her. In this area, she has been biking for what seems like millions of miles to visit and teach. They do have a car, but need to conserve their miles for the long drives to meetings and conferences. She had the amazing experience of being interviewed by President Zwick of the Seventy, when he came to her mission a month ago. She said it was the most amazing thing to sit across the desk, one on one, and have him bear his testimony to her. She said she had never felt anything so powerful in her whole life. It will be something she will remember for the rest of her life. She said they are best friends now and he offered to seal her and her “someday” husband in the temple. Amy has about 3 more months left of her mission. She will be release on December 16th. Just in time for Christmas. We are very excited to have her home, but I think she is pretty focused on what she is doing, and not thinking of that much. We are very proud of the kind of missionary she has become.

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Hermana Amy Bennett LOVES Owensboro Kentucky!

Yikes!!  Don’t tell Amy this, but it has been lots of months since I updated her blog.  I promise I will be better at doing this for her.

Amy has been in Owensboro, Kentucky for 5 months now.  And she just loves it there.  Heaven QuintanaShe says her heart will break completely apart when it is time to be transferred because she just loves the people. She has become an amazing missionary in the time she has spent there.  She has had some tough times, some wonderful experiences, some disappointments, made true and lasting friendships, and has learned so much about herself.  She is so strong and capable, and has a unique way with the people.  They love her, and she truly and sincerely loves them.RS birthday partySister Trego

Her Spanish has come so far in the last few months,  that she was able to translate during Stake Conference for the Spanish members.  (I think that would be crazy hard to do, personally)  Half the day she speaks English and the other half she needs to speak Spanish.

soup kitchenSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESShe and her companion get to spend one day a week serving in the soup kitchen.  This is a highlight for Amy.  They have asked her to bring her guitar and sing to them while they eat, instead of serving them food.  This is a great chance for her to sing lots of Primary songs, and Hymns.  She has been able to use her piano, guitar and singing SOOOOO much in Kentucky, and she loves to! 

Amy has had 3 different companions while in Owensboro.  And has learned something different and helpful from each one.  They Elsa and Anna Missionaries (2)have all helped her learn lessons that she will use for the rest of her life.  Last week she hit her “half way point”  Can you believe that? Her release date is December 23rd, 2015.  She will get to be home for Christmas this year!! 

They have had some crazy bad snow storms in Kentucky this winter.  There have been days when the missionaries have been told to stay home, or stay at the church house because it isn’t safe for them to be outside. Snowed In There is an amazing member family in Owensboro, who take such good care of the missionaries.  They are the Capener’s, and they are truly angels.  They have helped Amy so much, and will be life long friends.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREScute primary class of wanna be missionaries

Hermana Bennett was transfered last week to Owensboro. She was so sad to have to say goodbyes to the people of Lexington who she grew to love so much. And to have to say good bye to Hermana Barajas and Hermana Arnoldsen was so hard for her. She truly loves these people and this area. But changes are just a part of a mission. She survived a tornado, saw Martin baptized and just missed Salomon’s baptism on the 22nd. She did lots of service projects and had lots of fun with the Elders and Hermanas in her district. What a great first 4 months to her mission. Way to go Hermana Bennett!! We Love You.

Last day with Martin

Her Last Day with Martin 😦

Hermano Salomon Mateos

Hermano Salomon Mateos at Church

Emma at Hispanic Night

Sweet little Emma

The Gonval Family

The Gonval Family

i love my companions

The 3 Amigos! The Best Companions Ever!

tornado coming

The Tornado is Coming

Beautiful Fall Leaves

She Loves Lexington!!!

Hermana Bennett in Lexington

Hermana Bennett in Lexington

Hermana Bennett’s first area is in Lexington Kentucky. She loves the people and LOVES her companion/trainer Hermana Barajas. Amy is teaching her how to sing, and she is teaching Amy how to speak Spanish better. It’s a great trade off. Not surprising, Hermana Bennett is also having lots of fun along the way. Here are two more crazy horse statue pictures. Amy and Hermana Barajas have been teaching a very sweet man named Martin this past several weeks, and this past week he wanted to be baptised! Amy said that she learned far more from Martin then he learned from her. It was the greatest experience for her. On their P-days, these crazy sister missionaries pretend they are going to the Kentucky Derby with fancy hats, or beaver hats?? Take pictures of cool street murals, and find the ferry on the Kentucky River. Amy has a way of having fun in any situation. She even got her Mission President and his wife to be silly for her! She loves her district and is so thankful for the people she sees everyday.

Pres. and Sister Brough (1)

President and Sister Brough are the greatest!

Greater Kentucky Louisville Mission (1)

Greater Kentucky Louisville Mission!

getting ready for the Kentucky Derby (1)

Ready for the Kentucky Derby!

Martin's Baptism (1)

Martin’s Baptism!!!!

Ferry on the Kentucky River

Ferry over the Kentucky River

street murals

Beautiful Street Murals everywhere

Horse #2

Crazy Horse Statue #2

horse #3

Crazy Horse Statue #3

racoon girls

I love Hermana Barajas

Amy and her district left the Mexico City MTC at 2:30 in the morning to fly to Kentucky. It was a long day of waiting and then running and then waiting some more. But at last she made it. She met her new companion, Hermana Barajas, and her mission president and his wife. After a crazy and confusing few days, Amy is settling in. She loves her trainer/companion, because they have a lot of fun together, and are very comfortable being together. And they work hard too. The first week in Lexington, they had 6 baptisms, 42 investigators and 14 inactive people they were visiting. She has been very busy. Because her trainer is fluent in Spanish, she is learning the language very quickly. Amy says there are these crazy horse statues everywhere. Because horse racing is a really big deal there……… know, like the Kentucky Derby. Her goal is to take a picture with each one she finds. And knowing Amy, she will do it! Her new address is Hermana Bennett 275 Regency Road Apt. 72 Lexington, Kentucky 40503 And her email address is I know she would love to hear from y’all!

Hermana Barajas (3)

Hermana Bennett and Hermana Barajas

Leaving Mexico MTC at 2:30 in the morning!

Leaving the MTC at 2:30 in the morning!

Kentucky Airport

Arriving in Louisville Kentucky safe and sound

1st day in Kentucky

President and Sister Brough with her Trainer, Hermana Barajas

Crazy Kentucky Horse

There are crazy horse statues everywhere!

This week marks one month that Hermana Bennett has been in the MTC (or CMM as she calls it) in Mexico City. She has loved her experiences there, the food is great, and the people in her district and teachers are good friends. But there are plenty of things that are hard for her also. By far, the biggest struggle is learning the Spanish. Everyone else in her district has taken some Spanish in High School, so she has felt so far behind. But her last email was very positive about how she is really starting to understand and be able to speak what she is thinking. The gift of tongues is a real thing! Her district was able to go to the Mexico City Visitors Center last week. The temple is closed the whole time she is there. Its crazy that she only has 2 more weeks left before she leaves for Kentucky. She is excited to get on her way, but she has truly loved her MTC experience.

Hermana Bennettamys dinner

visitors center (4)

visitors cnt (2)