Amy has been in Corydon, Indiana for the past several months. She has, of course, made lots of friends, both people and animals. And had some great experiences there. She has been able to travel back to Louisville to attend the temple twice. That is such a highlight for her. In this area, she has been biking for what seems like millions of miles to visit and teach. They do have a car, but need to conserve their miles for the long drives to meetings and conferences. She had the amazing experience of being interviewed by President Zwick of the Seventy, when he came to her mission a month ago. She said it was the most amazing thing to sit across the desk, one on one, and have him bear his testimony to her. She said she had never felt anything so powerful in her whole life. It will be something she will remember for the rest of her life. She said they are best friends now and he offered to seal her and her “someday” husband in the temple. Amy has about 3 more months left of her mission. She will be release on December 16th. Just in time for Christmas. We are very excited to have her home, but I think she is pretty focused on what she is doing, and not thinking of that much. We are very proud of the kind of missionary she has become.

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