Hermana Amy Bennett LOVES Owensboro Kentucky!

Yikes!!  Don’t tell Amy this, but it has been lots of months since I updated her blog.  I promise I will be better at doing this for her.

Amy has been in Owensboro, Kentucky for 5 months now.  And she just loves it there.  Heaven QuintanaShe says her heart will break completely apart when it is time to be transferred because she just loves the people. She has become an amazing missionary in the time she has spent there.  She has had some tough times, some wonderful experiences, some disappointments, made true and lasting friendships, and has learned so much about herself.  She is so strong and capable, and has a unique way with the people.  They love her, and she truly and sincerely loves them.RS birthday partySister Trego

Her Spanish has come so far in the last few months,  that she was able to translate during Stake Conference for the Spanish members.  (I think that would be crazy hard to do, personally)  Half the day she speaks English and the other half she needs to speak Spanish.

soup kitchenSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESShe and her companion get to spend one day a week serving in the soup kitchen.  This is a highlight for Amy.  They have asked her to bring her guitar and sing to them while they eat, instead of serving them food.  This is a great chance for her to sing lots of Primary songs, and Hymns.  She has been able to use her piano, guitar and singing SOOOOO much in Kentucky, and she loves to! 

Amy has had 3 different companions while in Owensboro.  And has learned something different and helpful from each one.  They Elsa and Anna Missionaries (2)have all helped her learn lessons that she will use for the rest of her life.  Last week she hit her “half way point”  Can you believe that? Her release date is December 23rd, 2015.  She will get to be home for Christmas this year!! 

They have had some crazy bad snow storms in Kentucky this winter.  There have been days when the missionaries have been told to stay home, or stay at the church house because it isn’t safe for them to be outside. Snowed In There is an amazing member family in Owensboro, who take such good care of the missionaries.  They are the Capener’s, and they are truly angels.  They have helped Amy so much, and will be life long friends.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREScute primary class of wanna be missionaries


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