Hermana Bennett’s first area is in Lexington Kentucky. She loves the people and LOVES her companion/trainer Hermana Barajas. Amy is teaching her how to sing, and she is teaching Amy how to speak Spanish better. It’s a great trade off. Not surprising, Hermana Bennett is also having lots of fun along the way. Here are two more crazy horse statue pictures. Amy and Hermana Barajas have been teaching a very sweet man named Martin this past several weeks, and this past week he wanted to be baptised! Amy said that she learned far more from Martin then he learned from her. It was the greatest experience for her. On their P-days, these crazy sister missionaries pretend they are going to the Kentucky Derby with fancy hats, or beaver hats?? Take pictures of cool street murals, and find the ferry on the Kentucky River. Amy has a way of having fun in any situation. She even got her Mission President and his wife to be silly for her! She loves her district and is so thankful for the people she sees everyday.

Pres. and Sister Brough (1)

President and Sister Brough are the greatest!

Greater Kentucky Louisville Mission (1)

Greater Kentucky Louisville Mission!

getting ready for the Kentucky Derby (1)

Ready for the Kentucky Derby!

Martin's Baptism (1)

Martin’s Baptism!!!!

Ferry on the Kentucky River

Ferry over the Kentucky River

street murals

Beautiful Street Murals everywhere

Horse #2

Crazy Horse Statue #2

horse #3

Crazy Horse Statue #3

racoon girls

I love Hermana Barajas


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